June 30, 2020

Bhavin + Kristina

Over the weekend Bhavin & Kristina decided to have a beautiful intimate Hindu Ceremony in their back garden which I was lucky enough to shoot. It was definitely exciting to shoot having not shot a wedding in the last 3 months and more so as Bhavin being one of my regular ski buddies! The back garden was magically transformed by Exquisite Mandaps. I think everyone amazed by how stunning the decor was… just goes to show we may not necessarily need a venue to have a wedding 😉 As Kristina’s family are in Russia it was really important for them to be able to see these images. They were on zoom throughout the whole ceremony and got to witness and hear everything the priest (Jaydev bhai) was saying. I am sure it was all very new for them but they did enjoy it! It was great to be part of this wedding and hopefully more intimate weddings can take place as we go through the ease of lockdown over the next few months…